Avant Diagnostics

Avant Diagnostics: Avant Diagnostics is majorly shaking up cancer research by commercializing next generation technologies that will help physicians and patients customize their treatments in the fields of oncology and neurology.

Hf-asset Hengfai Asset Management produces consistent returns through market volatility while protecting principal and maintaining regular liquidity to investors.

Infusion 51a

Infusion 51a: Infusion 51a is a newly formed fund that invests in the most underappreciated companies of the life sciences and renewable energy industries, with an immediate focus on biopharmaceutical firms.

International Infusion

International Infusion: International Infusion is a leading venture capital firm promoting disruptive technologies in the life sciences, renewable energy industries, and beyond.

Northwestern Trauma and Surgical Initiative

Northwestern Trauma and Surgical Initiative: NTSI is a powerful team of medical professionals providing sustainable access to surgical care through education and research in under-resourced settings.

Sadanah Foundation

Sadanah Foundation: The Sadanah Foundation seeks to provide sustainable access to health care and education in under-resourced regions of the globe.

Singapore E-develpment:

Singapore E-development: Singapore E-development brings together leaders of biomedical sciences, information technology, and international property development. SED is working to build a major business enterprise that Singapore can be proud of.

Thinks Inc

A Think Tank working to develop disruptive technologies aimed to change the world.

Vivacitas Oncology

Vivacitas Oncology: Vivacitas was co-founded in 2015 with the aim of optimizing and perfecting well-known chemotherapy treatments.
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“Disruptive thinking and innovation require the liberty of time with scientific merit and quality demanded in the process of refinement. The essence of a successful team lies in communication and in meticulous attention to detail to validate and fact check. My role in our team is to bring a sense of team connectivity from within and to build the scientific team.”

Mamta Swaroop MD, FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

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